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Keeping busy is this girl’s favourite thing. From taking her friends and Roxy the dog for a walk to helping Mum and Dad around the house, she always finds fun ways to fill her day. There is nothing she won’t do for others around her –but she has a knack for “helping” in her own unique way.
The illustrations in My Busy Day have a gorgeous sense of soft light and shading that create a cosy household atmosphere. Each scene is generously and effectively spread over a double page. The girl and her parents have large eyes and dark pupils that distinguish them stylistically from her toys and pets. This invokes a nostalgia for me of the simple illustrative techniques that appealed to me in anime and manga I loved as a child, but with a layer of warmth from Edward’s illustrative style. The overall effect is that each page feels like a textured watercolour painting.
— CBCA Reading Time
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